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After You Convert Your Artwork - Part 2: What Next?

Now that you have converted your artwork to a digital format it is now time to find out what you can do with it! 

I like using my digital art and photography to design products, sell prints, and for adding to my stories and articles that I like to write and post.

Some of my artwork can be found on Etsy at I use the company Printify to upload the artwork and attach it to products that I can sell, from cups to clothing. This company interfaces with Etsy so once I design something I upload it to Printify which is easy to link with my Etsy and Pattern (full website that they offer) store. I normally use Photoshop 2023 for my designs as well as utilizing some options available through Printify. I will also use templates that are available in the Canva app too. In Canva I can use their templates or design my own. It really is a mix of options that I use from Canva, which is a paid service if you want their premium products to download in .png format (with no background) for your product template.

I sell prints and products on the Fine Art America website too. This really started out for my photography, then morphed into my experience learning how to paint. Some of the paintings, well, they leave a lot to be desired, but it is really for me to show my progression. I come from a family of artists and somehow the natural talent skipped me. When time permits, I will paint something, scan it, and then post it to my galleries at Fine Art America, be it good or bad. They (whoever they are) say beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Now, that being said let's move on to the next one...

Vocal-Media is a writer's website that not only promotes one's writing, but challenges writers to write about topics and compete for prize money. You might be wondering if I have won any prize money, unfortunately, not! It wasn't as though I didn't try, there are just so many great writers on that platform that it is incredibly competitive yet surprisingly rewarding. The website gives me motivation to write, even though lately I have not been able to sit at my desk and spend much time doing it. I hope to dedicate myself to writing in the next few months. Wish me luck, life just seems to get in the way! You can find my stories on Vocal-Media here!

There are so many avenues for using your digital artwork and photography. You may or may not make money, but the satisfaction of creating something is extremely rewarding, at least for me it is. Check out my website and subscribe to follow. I will be posting updated content soon and you won't want to miss out!

Stay Artsy!


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