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A Journey To Being An Artist

Vera Ritter - Artist I have posted some of my art and photography on line at Fine Art America and have developed a following from around the world.  I don't really care about selling my art but I love sharing it with people as a way to showcase my progression as I move through life and develop my talents in these areas.  I have always loved landscape photography with mountains, water, boats flowers and/or wildlife.  I am not a Photographer who enjoys doing Photography for weddings or events.  I love looking through the lens and finding the right composition for my photographs to preserve them as a memory.  There have been many trips where I have had a wonderful adventure and when I look back at the photographs they flood me with good memories. I know when I leave this life those memories will fade and the photographs won't have the full meaning unless I display, explain and show them to the world.  I need to do a better job at defining that moment in time with my viewers