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Paul McCartney Rocks out at Safeco Field

  I wasn't sure what I was in for when I went to the Paul McCartney "Out There" Concert last night but found out that it was one or actually the best rock and roll concerts I have ever been to! We arrived early to have dinner at the stadium and that was great timing on our part.  People were still arriving around the time the concert was suppose to start.  It started late but they had music playing with pictures and art work streaming from the large projector screens.  The Beattle's photographs and video clips that were shown brought back memories of long ago.  We had an awesome dinner at the stadium and a great view.  Paul's crew and the Safeco stadium really worked in "harmony" to make a spectacular show entertaining and comfortable for sitting or standing over 3 hours.  Paul made a point to publicly thank everyone associated with setting up and working the show!  Paul McCartney can play and sing like it was yesterday!  He played songs from t